Our Work

Youth Debate

Make It 16

For the Make It 16 Youth Debate event, we provided a robust live streaming solution that elevated the impact of this critical youth engagement initiative. We captured the dynamic exchanges between candidates offering a comprehensive viewing experience. The event was successfully streamed to Make It 16's Facebook and YouTube channels, garnering online participation and helping to amplify the voices of young people in the political discourse. This project demonstrated our capability to deliver a seamless, high-quality live stream for events with a critical civic mission.

Revival Nights

Pioneer Ministry

For Pioneer Minstry, we executed a targeted live streaming strategy that transformed their local events into international experiences. Utilizing a multi-camera setup and real-time live switching, we captured the essence of the ministry's events, making them accessible and engaging for online attendees. The broadcast was streamed to the ministry's social media platforms, allowing them to reach an international audience. The ministry experienced a significant increase in their audience reach compared to their traditional in-person numbers. This exponential growth not only amplified the ministry's message but also created a global community connected by faith. Our services proved instrumental in leveraging technology to fulfill the ministry’s mission to reach as many people as possible.

Event Live Streaming

Make All Media

In collaboration with Make All Media, we offer enhanced services designed to significantly expand event reach by facilitating online streaming. This partnership allows both us and Make All Media to deliver comprehensive digital experiences, enabling clients to connect with larger audiences beyond physical venue limitations.

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